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April 09, 2018

wood some music help your soul?

 I know i say it a lot, but time flies. For starters, hello 2018, maybe more than a few months late. New this year, there is another engineer working out of another studio room in our warehouse space, expanding our wonderful music community and giving  us a little extra insight. We had Portland acoustic duo Koala-T come in to record a demo, which proved to be a great time with some amazing results. C503PO wrapped vocals for their upcoming trip hop release, which i am personally really excited about.  Raquel stopped by to record some more vocals , fire has become her standard and its such a pleasure to get to be around her as she performs t this level. Check out a new podcast coming from the studio called the Songwriters Realm. It focuses on songwriting and includes live performances from the artist.   So much more I'm sure i'm forgetting, its been such a whirlwind, so much has happened and continues to happen. More ribbons, more tubes, more music, things are good.

November 30, 2017

Wood you believe the time...?

Well that was crazy. 2017 Seems to have flown by, only around 30 something days until a new year is upon us.  Here at the realm, we have been on a wild ride. We are getting super close to finishing the Dear Vultures record, Raquel Divar has been back a few times with some new material to add to her already amazing catalog, most recently with producer Noer the Boy.  Scott and Keefe did some collaborating with Deafmind, as well as put a little work into some of their own C503PO music. The winter months are upon us, which is the best time to get carried away on some studio projects. We have all kinds of wonderful things on the books, and still plenty of space to welcome some new projects, so even though its gloomy outside, we are bright with ideas in here.  Not all peachy news however, this past summer we lost our friend Xris, who found this lovely space we work out of and invited us in to create the Studio of the Woodland Realm. Even though he's gone, his presence is still Ivery much felt around here. We hope you are all having a great holiday so far, keep an eye out for some of the amazing music thats going to be coming your way from the studio in the coming months. 

February 21, 2017

Where wood you rather be?

What a Crazy few months! As the snow settled and the rain started endlessly coming down, we have been busy here in the realm.  Raquel came in to lay down some  incredible vocals, and did a collaboration with Firekat. Shortway came by to record some guitars, Joe Jacobson started a few new songs to add to his debut album. Our friend Art from Deafmind has been in producing some new music this month too. We will also be sponsoring a happy hour party at Cravedog in portland Thursday, February 23, for any of you in the portland area that like drinks and snacks and would like to chat with us a bit in person. We are very happy to have started this year so productively, and are very excited for some of the projects on the horizon this year.

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